Any millionaire reading this, can you spend just a couple of dollars to buy me a 04 mustang cobra? please.?


What car should i buy toyota bmw ford?

Oh sure kid want a house too oh forget about the mustang ill get you a ferrari. You know that im just such a nice guy im going to give a guy I don't even know 50 thousand dollars. Yeah Rite (Rolls Eyes)

Has anyone ever sold or bought a car on ebay?

sure but have to pay me back double

Okay I have a car that i have not finished paying, and want to trade it in for a larger vehicle.?

Get a job.

Are SUV's still a hot car? which is the safest one out there?

I'm having one drop shipped by helicopter to you this instant. Look up.

Are there any sites that actually pay you to drive cars with ads on them?

Ya sure..after reading ur question i ordered one come to my place & collect it...

I am in the market for a new car, and was wondering should I buy or lease!?

Get a job and save you bum

SUV's suggestions?

curious why you are willing to settle for a crummy three year old car, wouldn't you rather have a brand new one all tricked out just for you??
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