Are Jeeps as good as Honda's and Toyota's, I mean milage wise?

Can they last as long as a honda or toyota?


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Hondas and Toyotas are more gas efficient snd family oriented than the sporty Jeeps, although the compass gets good mileage.

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In my opinion, no.

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LOL! I only wish "American" makes were as long-lived as are their Asian counterparts. Jeep is one of the most horrible brands out there for mechanical reliability, but I still love them to death. The folks I know that have them agree that they are forever problematic, but they accept that for the Jeep "lifestyle".

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Some American makes have Japanese engines in them [or in the case of some Chryslers, Japanese or Korean engines], which should enable the drivetrain to last as long as a typical Asian vehicle, but the vehicle's integrity [body, interior, etc], may fail before the engine does.

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If absolute reliability is your only concern, you'll want to blot out Jeep from your list. I think, however, the new Compass and Patriot share the Caliber's engine which is a joint Chrysler/Hyundai engine.


Beyond that, you can make anything last forever - it's just a matter of how devoted you are to keeping the vehicle alive. You only get out of something what you put into it.

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Good luck~

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Im pretty sure they dont get as much mileage. i love my honda .. if youre buying a new car, i suggest a honda!

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traditionally honda's & toyota's get better mileage, but, it depends what you're looking for.if mileage is your main concern , then a honda or toyota is the way to go.. if your looking for durability there's other options.

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I say that right now Honda and toyota have proven themselves a better longer lasting car that than the competition right now. that is if you combine everything like gas milelage, cost, and repairs u would be better off right now buying a honda or toyota.

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Absolutely! They may need a few more repairs than a Honda or Toyota, but god at least they have some soul, and the interiors aren't plasticky and "cheap" feeling. It's also worth mentioning they're easier to work on than Japanese cars and the mechanics bills might be cheaper on the jeep vs a Honda or Toyota.

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I've got a '97 Grand Cherokee that is hitting 170K miles and going strong. I've also owned a Cherokee that we got to 230k miles before we sold it and it was doing fine at the time. I've definitely heard of others that hit 300K+ miles.

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