Any good car auctions?

Just started out in the motor trade and im asking if anyone knows of any good motor auctions, CHEAP as poss with good cars, also any good online motor auctions apart from the obvious ebay, cheers? as many as possible pls.


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You didn't even give a hint about where you live. I live near Washington, DC and there is a big auction place there with a big sign painted on the wall outside, but for some reason they aren't even listed in the phone book. You can get a car there for about 1/3 of what you would pay for it elsewhere. That's where used car dealers get cars, not on line. Leave your computer at home. There are other auctions outside of town as well. Ask a used car dealer where to find them.

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You don't even get to test drive the car, but if it has an obvious problem like a bad transmission, they'll tell you about it. In addition to the purchase price, you have to pay a fee to the auction house. How you get it home with no tags or insurance is up to you.

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manheim auctions are the biggest, or try .

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for trade cars offered for sale, is excellent

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Yes plenty

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Yeah, do a search of car auctions at
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