2500 ram megacab or f250 or toyota tundra?

leaning torwards buying the 2500 megcab, or mabey the f250 but not so much on the tundra. which one ?


How do I sell my vehicle privately with a lien still pending? (Florida)?

Toyota Tundra above average reliability and BEST customer satisfaction for 2007.
Years previous the truck get marks well above average to BEST accross the board.except in 2004, suspension was the worst

What is the average price for a 1980 Ford Bronco?

Dodge Ram Megacab 2007 falls very short with only average reliability, below avg customer satisfaction and below average depreciation.

What is on a carfax!?

2005 -2006 Dodge = above avg all the way.
2004 just average

Toyota 4x4 pickup?

2006 Toyota - GREAT accross the board
2005 better than average
2004 better than average except for suspension - Worst

1994-1998 Mustang?

Hope this helps!

Could someone check my Carfax report, VIN 2T1KR32E95C468623?

Well if your buying new I would go for the 2008 F250 Real Nice Truck and it hold better resell value then the Dodge
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