2005 NIS MAXIMA 3.5SL NAVI OR 2004 ACURA TL? most importanly why. thanks?


Buying a car on craigslist seller wants to use ebay service that holds the $ til i get it & am hapy any info

The Acura is a much better car. Nissans seem to be suffering from quality problems. See if you can find a TL with a Navi, if you need it. The Nissan does have a sweet engine and is a little larger then the TL, but the TL is a more refined car all the way around.

What do you think the best type of car is?

TL, Trust me the Tl will hold it's value much better, be cheaper to maintain and last much longer. Read up at www.consumerreports.com

Anyone ever bought a car from easterns motor? if so is it true what they say your job is your credit?

Being a Honda fan, I would naturally go for the TL. But I love the Maxima too.

What is VIN No.?

I am obsessed with stock xenon projector headlights because it gives off a blue flicker when the cutoff passes your eyes. I know the Maxima has the most colorful cutoff without any modification. But the TL has bi-xenon projector headlights which means you can high beam with it cuz there is a solenoid built into the projector that flips to expose the light!! OMG awesome!
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