A car buying question?

Ok, I am looking into buying a car. I dont understand something so could you all help me?

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I am trying to understand what do they may mean by like, 3.0% and like 4.0%

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So if you all good also give me some SMART tips as to what is good to do when buying a car, like with money and all that great junk. that would help.


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They are talking about the interest rate of the loan/lease. If you are financing the car then they are going to let you have it for the downpayment (say $5000) and then let you pay off the balance in monthly installments. But they are going to charge you an extra 3% or 4% per year on the money you still owe them.

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3% or 4% is a good rate. 18% is a bad rate. You have to have good credit to get the good rate. When buying a used car, don't spend less than $5,000 - generally speaking. Don't buy a gas guzzler. The price of gas is going to keep going up. Filling up a four cylinder car (Toyota) is much better than having to fill up an eight cylinder car (Cadillac). Look around until you find something with low miles (less than 70,000 miles?). Do not buy the first car that you see even though it is tempting. Take your time and be cautious instead of being suckered in. Look around. Pass up a few cars until you find a car that you know will be good. Don't buy a car because it looks good or extra nifty. Try not to buy a Kia or other inexpensive brand. Stick with a major name: Chevy, Toyota, Saturn, etc. You can find tips on buying a used car at Yahoo Autos - Used Cars:

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That's what a father tells a son, or what a person learns after buying a couple lemons when they were younger.
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