Where can I get a really cheap car I dont care how ugly it is just as long as it runs?

im thinking a junk yard but I dont know if they still run

Does anybody know of any garages/organisations that can check your car and if ok clear it from the hpi reg?

im in the 50-100 dollar range (or cheaper)


Wat do you reckon?

Auctions they cost little to get in and they are open to the public i have gotten some nice rides that have lasted me a year or two for less than 200 key is to go in bad weather when no one else wants to

Is a 2003 Dodge Durango a good choice for a first truck?

in the junk yard,but wait for in coming,the whole day.

Do I buy A Used VW Golf?

or place an ad,as if You were the junk yard.

Whats better? Ford or Chevy? And why?


2007 Honda Civic LX Coupe? Any comments about this car?

This is my FAVORITE site for things!

I have a 1972 olds Delta 88 4dr sedan I want to sell!!?

50-100 really?
it'll cost more than that for your plates & sticker..

My first car---better new or 2nd?

Good Luck,
honestly the lowest your gonna get for a street legal car than even runs is 300.00.

Looking to buy a new car. 07 Honda civic, or 07 sebring?

i had a 2 door 78 impala i sold for 300.00 and a 12 pack of corona to my neighbor, ten years ago.. and it was literally falling apart at the welds.
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