A website for finding cars and car prices..?

pleeeease help!!


I would like to know where could i find a truck to take over payment?

Carmax.com is a great site. You can see various cars with options and loan costs too!

What is your dream car?

You mean car values? www.kbb.com

Which car should i buy?

nada.com is another site

Can i buy a car in oregon and then drive it to california?

go to www.ebay.com

The level of car tax you pay is based on engine size? So what engine size is a 'gaz guzzler'?

to get the price of your car www.kbb.com but if you are looking for a newer car for yourself try some of these places

Is it a good idea if you help a friend to pay a car.?

hope some of those site will help..

What are the things to check, while buying a second hand car?

carsales.com may be of assistance also try ebay motors.com

Financial Problems..?


Is it cheaper and safer to physically go buy a car overseas then just ordering it from the net?

www.trader.ca for canadian cars
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  • A website for finding cars and car prices..?
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