Anyone know cars that get good gas mileage?

I know hybrids and cars like that do but i want a car that i could get used. I like sports cars like honda acorrds and cars like that


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Toyota Corolla is the best all around. Value for the money of what it costs to purchase combined with low costs for maintenance and repairs and fuel economy. There was a study done, and this was the top value, including best resale value.

Im looking for a website similar to autotrader but better, im looking to buy custom cars , i need help?

Here is a report from CNN MONEY. I know there are a few Hybrids listed, but there are others as well. The Honda Civic comes highly recommended.

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Silly Boys Trucks Are For Girls! Guys I need some advice.?

... try Toyota hybrid SUV or LAX car ..... they have the max range and are available now ....... you get used to anything if you have good reason ..... accords are not the end of the world ...

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go to and you can look at cars from the about 1985 and look at the gas mileage of any car you want.

I have 02 SS camaro and the catalyic conveters were removed would a slpypipe and exhaust can fit just right?

Hope That Helps

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Unfortunately, no car really gets good gas mileage anymore. In the late 1970's we were able to build cars that (barely) cracked the 50 miles per gallon barrier. My mom had a Chevy Chevette that got over 50 mpg with an automatic transmission (uses more gas than a stick shift). Now, 30 years later, with all the advances in technology, and on board computers, and lightweight construction... all we can get is 30 mpg... and that's when consumers riot like they did a few years ago when gas hit ~ $4 a gallon. Hybrids do get approx. 50-60 miles per gallon of gas, but they have other costs - mainly electrical power costs. (nothing in life is free). Basically if you can find a car from one of the big boys (Ford, GM, Honda, Nissan,...) that Consumer Reports says gets 30 mpg, buy it and consider yourself lucky.

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I have a small,stickshift.I wind out the gears while shifting.Rarely goes into third gear.If I take it out of town,have to fill up every two.If I don't,stay in town,fill up every three.Small engine,stickshift.
Hope that helps.People I've told have told me that was a neat trick.Hay,it works!

What you think about "Mitsubishi PAJERO io "PININ"?

go with Civic if you like sport car other wise you can buy YARIS

I get my licence soon and i want a convertible car under $5000 (a used car under bout 80000kms)?

Smaller cars. Even older, smaller cars get good gas mileage. Even my quarter-million-mile jetta gets about 34mpg.
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