Did I get robbed?

I recently sold a car -- Camry with low mileage and was maitained extremely well. I sold according to Kelley Blue Book Private Party Value. However, I looked at carfax, the similar car was sold $4000 more. Did I have a really bad deal?

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It seems that you're a fairly honest person but you could have made a slight profit from the deal.

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No need to question yourself that.It sold.Thats fine.

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yes, you made quite the terrible deal. well done

What if the car dealership wants to break the contract?

you didn't get robbed. if you didn't look around, then the buyer got a great deal. was yours in an accident, etc? the blue book value is pretty accurate. now you know to look in different sources for prices.

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It sure seems like it,you might want to look at that carfax again and make sure you have identical cars

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Blue book and Carfax are just a guide. The price depend on many factors. Besides maybe the one who paid $4000 more was the one getting robbed.

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But just to be sure next time ask for advise, don't trust only one source.

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KWAK - KWAK - - you been hanging around with to many ducks

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If you sold it for private party value then you did well.

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The prices you see at Carfax are ASKING prices only and doesn't mean they aren't open to negotiations.

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There are lots of delusional sellers who think their cars are special and that they can charge retail. but soon find out that they are out of their minds, since no one's calling.

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the same car You sold for 6900 I can find it in some other place than carfax for 3500.
so ,You haven't make a good deal ,but certainly, You had made a fair one.
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