Advice wanted about importing car to France please.?

I am considering buying a car and want to export it to france, is am moving there. My problem is, the car i plan to buy has no documents whatsover. Its a u.k. spec lhd brought over to u.k. from holland for a film company, was used to make a famous film. It was purchased to used for filming and was not on the road and the owner ( a provider of cars for filming ( is totally legit)) does not have any paperwork,possibly a bill of sale, as he did not need them. Probably dont even know the old number plate either. Would i be able to register it in france, there is a vin number and chassis number. Thanks


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I doubt that there's a person who will read your question that is qualified to answer. Don't take the word of anyone except a lawyer practicing in France. Some American laws are vastly different than French laws.

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Sounds like the car was never registered to go on a public road.

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You will have toregister it somewhere before driving it. Might aswell get someone to transport it to France on a trailer and then register it in France.

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You may have difficulty in getting it registered if it is UK spec and will have to change things such as the lights. Is this car right hand drive?
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