Any car fanatics?

Just searching for an awesome deal for an old mini. Any ideas for sites apart from auto trader or ebay?

What is the name of the successor car to the Ferrari 430? When will it come out?

Want a good deal, a decent mini for not too much money as i'm not exactly the richest.if anyone knows anybody about their area or on the net that has a good deal going. I would be exceedingly appreciative =)

If my car is repo'd, do i have to pay the the interest owed also or the principle amount?

Thanks guys x


Which car should I buy, a 07 Toyota Camry or a 07 Mercedes-Benz C-Class?

Try the mini forums

Which car is the best?

Usually minis for sale on those throughout the year.

Is getting a Honda Pilot a good first car?

Your best bet (if it isn't too far away for you (if it isn't too far away for you) is the Import & Kit Car Show, in Carlisle, PA every May. There are usually 5 or 6 for sale. Otherwise, look online for people selling them in Canada, as they were imported to Canada long after they stopped bringing them into the USA. You'll still be paying between $7,000 and $10,000 for 1000cc a car in reasonable condition - not perfect - because (unfortunately),the new Mini has reminded people of how good the old one is.

Can anyone help me find a cheap car?

I presume that you are in the uk ? try buying either mini-world
or mini mag, you will find them from a couple off hundred quid to
12,000 quid + you will find mini only dealers ,good luck & be
careful of what you buy.hope this helps.

How do i get a good deal on a Car from a Main Dealer?

In Leadville Colorado thewre is a private seller selling a 1980's model for about 13k... It has low miles!
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