As a car dealer, how can we make the process easier for our customers?


What would the residual be on a 2007 Camry LE, list price is $24,685 leasing for 3 years, $999 down.?

Customers don't need an easier process. Dealers need to stop complicating the process.

Selling a financed vehicle?

A customer arrives at the lot, 'just looking', and is led by the nose through the qualifying, test drive, negotiating, and closing process. They are very clear that the cars cannot be bought wholesale from the manufacturer, and so they have to purchase it from a dealer. They are also very clear that this is a painful procedure, because the dealer is an 'in your face' sales place with no room for any customer having any common sense.

Why used cars come with only one key?

The dealer demands to know the customer's budget, the customer's anticipated monthly investment, the customer's preference for green or blue, the customer's income level, etc. These demands are made as a convenience for the dealer - so the dealer doesn't waste time test driving with a customer who couldn't buy mustard for a hot dog with cash and a cosigner.

Car dealer co signed for car loan then with 2 payments left he paid off the loan and took the car.?

What the dealer does not do is listen.

Best on line site for used cars in memphis?

The customer will tell you what they want. They don't need their hot buttons pushed. They don't need to be upsold to a club cab diesel long bed when they wanted an entry level coupe. The customer wants to be treated like they were adults planning on doing business with you.

Selling my salvage tittle car what do i need to know?

So take the flippin' balloons down, unplug the popcorn machine, kill the screamer ads on TV and the full-page spread ads in the paper. Do business.

I have a car 4 years with on line finanances cardiff [not recomended too any one answering] and my aggrement?

"But car buying is an emotional purchase," you say. It's only emotional for you, during the sales meetings, when the sales manager wants to know why you only have three cars on the board for this month.

Does anyone have a used magneto for 49cc motor 2 give me 4 free or low price. i pay shipping cost.?

People will come and buy from you if they like you, and their friends recommend you.

Why do private sellers constantly try to overstate the value of they're cars when selling them?

Never ask a customer how much they want to pay for a certain car. Obviously, I want to pay nothing; I would like you to give me the car for free. My parents were asked this and responded likewise. The salesman stated that they were being "unreasonable." Needless to say, they left the dealership immediately. If you are selling it, you should price it.

How do salesmen ask for the sale?

Don't hover. Introduce yourself. "Hi, I'm Don. Did you need some help or have a question?"
"No I'm just looking."
"Okay, again, I'm Don, ask for me if you need anything, and thanks for stopping by."

Have to buy car in Berkeley, CA area. May have to move in 2 years. Have 8 mo. old baby. Ideas?

LESS PAPERWORK. gosh I would feel blessed. lol

How can I sell my used car to a private party if I don't have the title?

Stop tricking consumers with tempting low prices which quickly inflate when you add car accessories, and all the "financing" charges. Stop running shady math to trick people into financing at incredible interest rates or in a manner where they will feel as though they were just screwed hard without any lubricant. Stop making the process of buying a car such a difficult experience that one needs a PhD understand the techniques and the patience of Job to deal with the sales double talk.

Can anyone estimate how much insurance would cost on a 2001 camaro?

Car dealers already suffer from such a negative reputation, the industry as a whole needs to get its act straight.

What car in the low $30,000 range, would you recommend?


I am dessperate to find a 67' impala for a good price, does anyone have one for sale or know of one that is.

Mmm. So many answers, so little time.

False advertisement??

I would have to say, after buying quite a few cars during my lifetime, my biggest complaint with car dealers is dishonesty in the salespeople.

Buying a new car?

The last car I bought, I was ready to sign the papers when I discovered that some of the numbers just weren't adding up to what the salesman and I had discussed. At that point, I started getting a lot of "double-talk" and I literally stood up and walked out the door. Since I was trading in my old car, I had to stand around and wait for them to bring my old car back. They had already taken it to the back of the lot or something but I flat was not going to sign on the dotted line when I knew I had been lied to.

How much can I expect to pay for the first day when buy a used Accord?

I eventually did buy the same car, just from a different dealer.

What do I need to look for when buying a car?

Knock off all of the "I'm going to do you a favor" BS, most of us know the price can only go so low.
I work hard and long, intensive hours for my money and get respect at work and in my personal life, why does it change when I walk on a lot? As a general rule, I will go every two years and trade in what I have and buy a newer model. I have always paid cash for my cars, and many a salesman has blown a sale simply because of the attitude. I, like many, do my fair share of research before hitting the lots and just come in when I get serious. Trying too hard to make a quota is blatantly obvious sometimes. For some odd reason, I just wanted to be treated with respect, and as a valued customer, not just an "up".
Just because I am female doesn't mean that I don't know a thing about cars. However, many salesman continue to treat me like I am oblivious. I grew up around sports cars (my father restores them as a hobby where I often assisted). The amount of salesmen that point out the "extra mirror for checking makeup" or the "lighted cup holder for your latte" never ceases to amaze me. I am there for what the car is capable of and how the ride feels, not how efficiently I can transport my caffeine or how precisely I will be able to apply lip gloss.
Just a couple of small points that could have been avoided in the past.
Let me say that not all salespeople act in the fashion as described above, but too many do. I just hope yours do not make the same (sales-killing) mistakes.
Good luck, and take care.

Does anyone know where I can buy a hummer for real cheap?

Be more honest, open, and reliable. don't inflate the cost of trade ins just to make me feel better. I manage a business, and above all else, I NEVER LIE TO A CUSTOMER, I would rather admit i screwed up than lie to cover it up

Whats the best deal?

1. put everyone on a straight salary. No commission.

Buying a car with escrow?

2 Stop lying ("YOU can't get a low interest rate")

How do I transfer an auto lease to my friend?

3. Stop pushing people to "buy now. This price is no good tomorrow"

Which is the best model year for Subaru 98-2001.?

4. Don't answer questions with another question.
"How much H/P?. How much do you need?"

How do i negotiate auto lease with dealer?

5. Don't try to put people in cars they cannot really afford.

How do I sell a car that I recently bought if I don't have the title yet?

6. Don't open your mouth until you're asked a question. If you don't know the answer, SAY so.

I'm thinking about buying a new Ford Expediton EL. Can anyone give me some info about them?

This will go a LONG way toward endearing customers to you.

Searching for vehicle history report?

I don't know how your shop is run, so I don't know, but I can tell you things I hate:

Where can i find some spike ike jordans online 4sale and thatare cheap less than?

Document fees. "Okay, 5000 it is then. Just write a check for that plus a 400 dollar document fee and you can be on your way." **** you. We negotiated a price, you don't get to go tacking on pure profit to it. You negotiated in bad faith. If you weren't willing to take it, don't offer it. Also, "it's required by state law." No, it isn't. That is a lie. That is when you cease being a human being and start being a piece of **** to be disrespected in every possible way. At that point, I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.

I'm trying to buy a used car in Texas for the company I work for, do you know the requisites?

Lies. About anything. If you lie to me, and I know you lied to me, I'm gone.

What kind of car will last the longest?

Know something about what you're selling. I was looking at an early 90s BMW 5 series, and the dealer didn't know (or wouldn't tell me) if it had had the Nikasil issue taken care of. Also a Subaru Legacy where the dealer didn't know about the head gasket. THESE ARE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS. If you don't know the answer to them, you shouldn't have bought the cars in the first place. But no, you buy them and hope you'll find an ignorant sucker to foist your lemon off on. I do my best to piss in the pool by spreading the word about cars like those as much as I can.

Scooters deals?

Don't hover over me like a vulture. You know, ask if I need help once, especially if I don't look like I know what I'm doing. If I have questions, be there to answer them (and be ready to answer them. Good god, why don't you people have notes on your cars so you can tell me what's wrong with them? I can HEAR/SMELL/SEE there's a problem...if you can't tell me what it is, I'm assuming it's a fatal one)

A cheap, good mileage, easy to drive SUV?

For new cars, just stop obfuscating the pricing. Don't try and compare your cars to ones that don't have any similarity. Don't upsell. I came to look at Sentras, I'm NOT interested in Maximas.
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