1988 Toyota Camry for sale?

Just the other day I've seen a 1988 Toyota Camry on sale for $1500, it has 215,000 miles, it's a basic model with manual windows/locks, 5 speed manual, it has a new clutch, new battery, new fanbelt and it runs/drives great, is $1500 a good value for the Camry? I do hear that the older Camry's will last forever


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I think that $1500 is a good value for the Camry cause they do hold their value quite well and they're long lasting cars, they are known to go over 250,000 miles with little to no maintence.

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well i bought a 1998 tauras for $1500 with 135,000 miles power everything nice inside and out the life expectancy on my car is around 250,000-300,000 miles. If you like the car and it looks nice inside and out i would probably offer around $750 depending on what engine the car has, if its a 4 cylinder engine i would probably pass unless you can get cheaper. check out used car values on kbb.com
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