2007 Chevy Equinox VS 2007 Saturn Vue what do u think is better?

Hi everybody ... I don't know how to start ... I'm leasing new car after 2weeks searching I found this tow cars Equinox and Vue.. but I'm not sure which one is better the Equinox is nice looking but V6 and the Vue is 4cyl, interior is almost same ... anyways if u have to chose one of this tow which one u will chose .. and do u think the Equinox will cost me alot of gas more than Vue..?


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wow this is a hard one for me because i like them both so much!! but i went to yahoo cars and read the reviews for each and that really helped me here are the links to the reviews and other info about the cars:

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Equinox. It was designed later than the Vue, and the Vue is being redesigned in a few months. If you can wait, I'd go w/ the 2008 Vue, but for now, I'd stick with the Equinox.

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Here's a write-up comparing the two head-to-head. Hope it helps.
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