Any great ideas to persuade my parents into buying me a car?

im 16 years old got my license about 2 months ago. im not saying i want one right now but like just a lil heads up to my parents and letting them think to get me a car. i dont have a job. what do everyone think is a great idea to get them to buying me one??


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say you going to get a motorbike, they wont want you to so the car will become the obvious choice, start leaving some motorbike magazines around so you look serious..

Why do they call it a pink slip when car titles are blue?

devious but worked for me 21 years ago and not driving a porsche 996 turbo and have a yamaha r1!

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Well if you are in sports or other extracurricular activities that require your parents to drive you to, it will save them a lot of time if you could now drive yourself. If you're not in any extracurricular activities, GET SOME (that require a drive).

What are the Steps to buying a Used Car from Private Party?

get a job and offer to pay for 1/2
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