Am i bound to auto contract if no co-signer has signed has signed the contract yet?

I am wondering if i am bound to this contract, i had signed the papers with the intent of having the cosigner come in to dealership later and signing the contract but the day of purchase, the truck is having trouble starting, when i went back to the dealership and told them they said they would lower my payments, i agreed and signed a new cheaper contract, but told them that if it does it again im bringing it back and getting my previous truck, well it did it again so i went back and they wouldnt let me have my truck, but with no cosigners signature on the contract amd i still bound to this


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The first contract was not valid untill the co-signer signed.
Did the second contract also need a co-signer?
If not then you own the vehicle.
If it was approved only with a co-signer & the co-signer refuses to sign.then the dealer does NOT have a valid contract & cannot get it funded...You are technically on an extended "test drive"
Did the second contract have just your name on it?
Or are they still awaiting your co-signer?

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Yep, you signed the contract.

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I would have not even touched the truck after the first incident.

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slightly confused with this question...but if you need to buy your truck because you need a co-signer than there's no contract. the bank is relying on a co-signer to pretty much carry the loan. so if no co-signer signature, than no contract. but if you're referring to a co-buyer like a spouse/partner than you don't need there signature and they can do a contract without them.

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First of all I have never heard of a dealership lowering payment price due to mechanical problems. I know they typically fix it prior to sale. Yet if this is a small "USED car" dealer, it's possible I guess.
Your question of are you bound if your co-signer didn't sign? I would have to say yes as it's showing me they approved the sale based on your credit alone. No bank is going to approve a loan if a co-signer is needed and their signature not on the application.

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That contract will not be funded by the bank if it was approved with a cosigner. The dealer is taking a big risk by giving you a car without the contract fully signed. If you were approved without the need of a cosigner, then that's different. But the way you are explaining it, there is no contract yet, so go and drop off the truck, they are kind of screwed.

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Actually, if they were only able to obtain financing with a co signer then the contract would require their signature. On the other hand, if the dealer can obtain the financing in just your name, then you are indeed an owner. As a dealer, I would suggest telling the dealer to make it right and if they don't tell them to pound sand and get your truck back. Without 2 required signatures, the dealer doesn't have a leg to stand on. I hope this helps and good luck!
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