2001 Nissan Maxima SE or a 1994-1998 Ford Mustang Fully Loaded?


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Even a fully loaded Mustang is not exactly 'loaded.'

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The Maxima will hold its value better, last longer, cost less to repair, and will be more salable when you are done with it.

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The only reason to by the Mustang is to go fast, show off, and be a boy racer. That said the Maxima is certainly not a slow car.

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2001 maxima gonna have alot of problems with the stangs

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Personally, I would go with the Mustang. A GT model if possible. They turn more heads than a Nissan Maxima, if that's what you want to do. Bottom line, it's a matter of your taste. Get what you want, you're the one that'll be seen driving it, you're the one that has to drive it. Get what you enjoy.

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Go Mustang

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The Nissan will certainly be a better daily driver. It rides nicer and is put together a lot better than the Mustangs. That being said, the Mustangs will handle better and the V8 models are faster. If this is a V6 Mustang, I would do the Maxima. A V6 Mustang is probably slower, and those dinky tires give it a doofy looking profile.

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I would also look at this from an insurance profile. If you are under 25-30, the Mustang will cost you a hell of a lot more to insure.

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-4 doors
-seat 4-5 comfortably
-better cruiser, daily car
-more reliable
-higher quality, more luxurious
-cheaper insurance
-cops will not notice nearly as much as they would a Mustang
-sweet V6
-better resale values

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-circa 1979 frame wrapped around big V8
-good handling
-cheaper to fix, and you will be fixing it more often
-higher insurance
-cops pay extra special attention to you
-easy and cheap to modify/personalize
-reliability and refinement not strong suits
-Ford parts bin interior feel
-V6 is secretary's car - would not even consider it

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It just depends on your needs. I prefer to fly under the radar myself. I would do the Mustang if it were a secondary vehicle/weekend cruiser. Else, the Maxima will probably suit your needs better. I would also look at maybe an older Lexus LS400/430 and an Infiniti Q45. Get decent handlers, luxury and V8's that will hold their own against a 94-98 Mustang.

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Maxima SE, Built Ford tough means tough to maintain.
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