A good first car...?

I am wanting to get my first car. I want to buy it with cash only and I want it to be a good beginners car. Any ideas?


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I would get a local newspaper or any free classified ads in your area. See what local private owners have for sale. Older model Hondas and Toyotas are usually pretty reliable and within a cash budget. Most newer (just maybe 3 or 4 years old) Hyundai, Kia, or Suzuki cars are within cash range and are pretty reliable. I would however expect to put a little money in for repairs that may come from a pre-owned auto. Another good place to start your search would be http://www.autotrader.com or http://www.cars.com

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Another good alternative would be a local buy here pay here. There are no credit checks, low down payment (usually $1000-$3000) and about $50 a week. One good thing here is if something happens to it you can carry it back and not worry about it affecting your credit. Some of these places offer assistance on working on your car and adding it to an extended pay period.

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These are just my thoughts and opinions.

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Perhaps a Toyota Camry. The price is reasonable and their are many models of it, from 1996 to 2006. The reliabilty is great, so it can be a wonderful first time car.

Looking for a cheap car and I already looked on craigslist and cars.com.I need to know is there anywhere?

bugahtti veyron. mercedes mclaren. porshe carrera, austin martin,lotus, alfa romero, or just a minivan..

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I would suggest a Jetta, very affordable, hip, stylish and great performance. It's all that and more! It depends on how much you want to spend...it's not always about which style, but how many miles, what you need it for, ect. If you are putting hard city miles on, or driving long distances, or how much you care about the look of the car. I would always go for a decent engine as opposed to style and luxury. Nissan is a good car, Toyota, Honda...all good engines that will outlast any other. I'd still check out the Jetta...I just bought a Passat and it is way cool! :)

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It would really help if we had a dollar figure you had to spend but I would honestly say any Toyota or honda car would be perfect. They both have a ridiculously good rep for reliablilty and fuel mileage and the resale value is unmatched for there class.

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Hi there. I have found that Hondas and Toyotas are very reliable cars. Always change your oil every 3 months. Check tire pressure and fluid levels every month. They get great gas mileage. Learn how to operate a stick. Never give the dealer the price they want. Try not to finance for more than 2 years if possible. These cars get good resale value. Don't get pressured by the sales person. Take your time. Taking an adult male helps. Women alone are sometimes viewed as suckers.Understand your warranty. Keep up with the maintenance. This is in your owner's manual. Learn how to change a tire. Keep jumper cables, bottled water, a blanket, a few bar meals,a flashlight, in your trunk. Happy shopping!

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Don't even listen to these people, a honda, toyota, or even a VW paying cash is lot of saving up. Get yourself something cheap, a hyundai, or suzuki, kia. It's cheap and reliable.

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Get a Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry.

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Forbes just had an article out recently pertaining to this...'10 Best First Cars for Teens".

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Their top pick is the Ford Fusion for various reasons. It acheives the highest safety ratings, has higher reliability than even a Toyota product. Available AWD if wanted. A good fuel mileage as well.

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I'm providing a link for you, hope this helps... ;-)
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