Are Honda and Toyota good types of cars?


A small car, small truck/SUV, big car, or a big truck/SUV for a beginner driver and what model/year?


Whats the best type of car?

i have not owned one personally but i would say yes they are reputable companies. i would buy one

I suspect a car may have had its mileometer clocked. Is there anyway I can get the electronic speedo checked?

I have a honda hybrid civic and I have never seen a car in the shop more. Had it two years...and already had to replace the hybrid battery...Save money..HOW!?!?!

Help me choose between the following cars?

they are very good cars. they last a long time with a minimum or maintanence. plus they hold their value better then most other cars

Where can i buy a 67 shelby mustang gt 500??


BMW bank will not allow me to take my car to Germany, wants full pay off, besides refinancing what can be done

of course! its not even a question. gm and ford vehicles are not even on the same level as the japanese cars! if you buy a gm or ford car expect to repair or shell out some money!

How much is a 73 toyota celica worth in mint condition?

Yes, they are both reliable and dependable.

What is the most luxurious mini-van?

of course. Their engines last a long time, specially the toyota.

Any mechanics on? I would like to replace my current SUV with another car. I need something that will last?

Simply the best...better than all the rest!

Where can i find a 1985-1987 toyota corolla SR5 sport coupe with rear wheel drive near Saint louis?

I have one of both, and so far both have been trouble free. I have a 2003 honda civic ex coupe. i have never had any trouble out of it and it now has 41000 miles. i have driven it halfway accross the country 3 times with no problems. i have it serviced regularly. I also have a 2006 toyota tacoma that has had no problems. we are approaching 10000 miles on it. if you get one then you can bet that unless you end up with a lemon it will last to at least 150000 (not saying without some minor problems though). my sister just sold her 1994 honda accord, which she still loves dearly, but it did finally need retirng. i am wanting to trade my civic in for a cr-v. it is rated a consumer best buy. do a little research on anything you are looking at. i did and i am glad. some of the cars i considered i later found out were crap. i haven't heard many complaints about either makes.

How Much Do New Limos For Prom Run...?

Some models are, some models no.

How much should i pay for a 2007 honda CRV LX2WD if the invoice is 19,600 and the MSRP is 21,195?

Yes, they have been ranked as two of the most reliable car makers on the market right now, and that includes their branching sister companies (I don't know what they are called) Toyota owns Lexus and Scion, and Honda owns Acura, you can't go wrong with these companies, they are well know for their reliability, and are on the for producing more fuel efficient and low emission vehicles. You should definitely check them out.

I need to rent/borrow a car for tonight URGENTLY! Can someone please help me!!?

There the best cars ever especially the older ones there great love to have one myself
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