A good car for around 3k?

My 16th birthday coming up (thank god) and i need to start saving for a car, there any decent looking cars for no more than 5,000? any tips or ideas on what car i should get? a used car post likely


How can I get factory new car smell back? is there anything i can buy that will make it smell just like new?

The list is endless, have your mechanic inspect the vehicle and evaluate it's condition. You can go to a a good reputable dealer and with your parents along you can buy a new Hundai,Kia for less than 10K with a good down payment you can start to build up your credit and when it's paid off the credit score goes up too.
Good luck to you, Michael T. Auto Zone Parts Manager

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On the spot delivery scam?

i don't think you can get a good lokking one for under 5k

Suzuki Forenza Wagon--good buy or not?


Major World , long island city NY?

They all hold their value and are very reliable!

Your opinion- RAV 4 or Element?

A used Honda...they last forever, get high milage before needing major work, and they always have a decent looking body (unless the previous owner thrashed it).

I want to buy a new car. What full-sized sedan has the best value on the market today? Any recommendations?

you are only 16 ? I would recommend a car like a cavalier or a neon. They are cheap. Plus you are an inexperienced driver so getting a Mercedes might be a huge financial risk, if you get into an accident. I have seen too many idiot teenagers dying in crazy accidents. Face it you kids should not be driving ! you are a hazard to people that have jobs and support your azz

What is a good "first" car for a person who gets their license in 2009?

I think the best car for a first driver is a baja bug or small truck
but if you want to go fast I would get a 1990's rx-7 there really fast and have a high redline, there like a mini corvette for under $4,000 top speed is over 140 mph
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