HELP!! i need a new car:(?

i need a car i can put rimz on it + i need an suv not a sedan or coupe= so i picked 2 cars
nissan murano or hummer H3
p.s with rimz help plz


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according to consumer reports a hummer is not a reliable car at all. it had very bad ratings in fact.. its gorgeous and all but you really dont wana have to deal with any problems in the future. a nissan murano on the other hand, scored quite well with consumer reports and is quite a reliable car. its a very nice looking car as well. if i were you , i'd go to and do a little research and the vehicles that your interested in. you dont want to buy a car and then have it break down in a year.
good luck!!

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The Hummer will break at the gas pumps,.

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here's a link to them on ebay.

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first things first: you can put "rimz" on anything. The H3 has a junk 5 cylinder engine. The Murano is nice for older people. it has more of the creature comforts. But, if you are looking for an suv that you can take off road, stay away from the Nissan Murano. Its not designed for muddin'.

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Nissan Murano.

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The Hummer H3 is not nice. Also, it takes up wayyyy to much gas. most of the ppl are selling theirs. And the back seats are very tight and squeezed together. Nissan Murano is way nicer and looks better. Nissan is a very good car manufacturer. And the Nissan is cheaper too...
Oh, and u can put RIMS on any car.

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I like the Nissan Murano better but I think the Honda CR-V is better overall.
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