Are hybrid cars dependable?

I am thinking of buying a hybrid car. Are they dependable? what can I expect?


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Yes they seem to be. We just bought our second hydrid a week ago. We've had a Lexus 400h for more than a year now and it ran very well, and got better mileage than my little Camry. So we traded the Camry for a Hybrid Camry. It is a 4 cylinder rather than a 6 cylinder, but it seems to be running very well. I expect it will be as good as any other Toyota car.

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i think there has been at least 1 recall for it just cutting out...but toyo fixed it quick..they make very good cars

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Yes but I wouldnt trust the other manufactuers of hybrids right now except for Toyota or Lexus, they have a track record of reliable hybrids. GM would be my second pick, forget ford, their quality and reliability is not up to par.

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If VW, BMW, mercedes or porsche had a hybrid, I would buy. They also make quality cars.

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Good Luck.

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They are no different than any other vehicle. If it's new, it will have a warranty, so don't worry about that, just do your homework first, that's all.

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In addition to everyone else's comments, you'll get a warm fuzzy feeling that you doing something that helps minimize pollution :)

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I'm reasonably sure their OK but I'd sure shoot for the best one available thus far according to car tests. That would be a Toyota by quite a margin. I'd like to share some economy numbers with you. You would need to drive 5 years or 50 - 55,000 miles just to cover the gasoline savings to break even on the added cost of the car compared to a like model non hybrid. After the 50,000 or five year period your on thin ice for battery replacements. That's a whale of a cost. I commend you for considering one however as they're the best environmental masterpiece we have thus far.

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Hybrid cars are generally very reliable, but that is mostly because they are made by the better auto companies (Honda & Toyota). I would think twice before buying a hybrid from Ford or GM because their other cars are not very reliable, so why would their hybrids be better?
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