Are motorcycles cheaper to buy than a car?

and is it cheaper for gas, to maintain, and for insurance?

Realistically, how much can you pick up a 80s 911 (UK) for?

if considering the same class kind of motorcycle to same class of car
something thats not expensive


HI, I was a first car buyer from Car deler and I felt pretty much they lie to me and made me sign whey want?

motorcycles are generally cheaper in all the ways you mentioned..except for insurance..and your age will greatly influence the cost....if you are will pay greatly for it..also the size and type of motorcycle you buy will effect this cost.

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My cousin's son bought what they call a "crotch rocket"...after checking out much the insurance was going to run..they ended up putting it in his dads name..and his dad has ended up paying the insurance....even with his old dad..the insurance was high...

Anyone want to buy a 1979 280zx Datsun?

what you could do pick a type motorcycle and a car you are thinking about up an insurance agency and asking for a quote on how much each of them will run a year.this will give you a better idea on which way you want to go...

Do i have to pay back the deposit??uk?

Yes, motorcycles are cheaper to buy that cars and get better gas mileage. But depending on your age and the type of bike you get your insurance company will charge some high premiums. Also, it's hard if not unsafe and impossible to ride in inclement weather.

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I was actually considering selling my car and getting a motorcycle but my parents wont allow it so scratch that. But yes you can get an 07 Hyabusa (which is probably the fastest bike ever) for around 13,000 or even a Katana, which isnt the best but not slow by any means, for around 7K brand new, which payments are really cheap around 100 dollars a month over 5 years. I heard motorcycles get around 80MPG but dont take it from me im not positive. Start pricing go with Suzuki.

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Cheaper? Definitely. But do bear in mind, that EVERYONE I have ever known who rode on the street has either been killed or seriously injured. What would be a minor fender-bender in a car will kill or mame you on a motorcicle. It's just not worth cheap and pleasant as it may be. Look up the statistics- you will greatly increase your likelyhood of dying prematurely. If you do see an old biker.either he just started...or he'll have plenty of hospital stories to tell you. Gas is cheaper than hospital bills...and lot less painful.

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yes its cheaper,insurance is high for first timers but as you get older and with no mishaps it goes down.ya an accident with a bike is worse than a car but if you treat the bike with respect it will respect you.Ive been riding for 15 years and had one accident.I was hot dogging the bike and hit a pickup broad side.Most accidents come from opperater error,(high speeds, showing off,wheelies etc)wet weather and snow dont get along with bikes and extra care should be taken if you get caught in it. keep good tres on it and keep it in good working order.Remember you only have 2 wheels not 4. My advice is to take a motorcycle training course.You can find one at local colleges or get in touch with the dmv. They run you thru the dos and donts of riding and will put you on a bike to ride and get the feel of one.Its really the way to go and it wont cost much.Ride respectfully and keep your eyes open and dont drink and drive on a bike and you will live to ride another day but ride like a idiot like some of them do it will hurt and bad or you may not feel a thing as you are talking to your maker.Respect and awareness are the key to safe riding.If you can handle that then get a good bike.Keep the shiney side up and good luck

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Get a moped! They're cheap, you don't need insurance, parts are cheap, they're great on gas, and you can supe them up to 80mph+! You can learn to maintain them yourself, parking is never a problem! You can get a cool helmet w/cool graphics! Easy & cheap to do a custom paint job. Security is cheap. If you know some other pedders they come a dime a dozen. Besides odds are in your favor for surviving an accident because you won't be riding where the other vehicles are going faster than you. If you got a passenger, get them their own it's affordable and you'll have someone to ride with! Just gotta find a way to silence the noise it makes and you could stealth it anywhere!
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