2006 BMW 7 series for $11,000?

when someone sells that car for $11,000 what would be the first thing that comes to your mind about why it's soo cheap?
i saw some guy in georgia selling his 2006 bmw 7 series for $11,000 and i'm thinking it's stolen or something because it's an impossible price for such a car.


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It could be a salvaged car or severely damaged in a car accident. Its really impossible to find a 06 7 series at that price. Usually, it goes for 6-9 times that amount.

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somethign is seriously wrong with it, i woudl get a carfax report on it to make sure its not stolen

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probably a collision car or impounded car with no title.

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Either its stolen or theres something horribly wrong with it that hes not telling you.

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or it could have been in an accident. why don't you call him and ask why it is so cheap? then do a vin number search and look up the history on it. chances are it has a shady history or has a lot of problems.

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1. it might be 11000+ take over payments.-ignore it.
2.its a scam-ignore it
3. it's stolen -ignore it
4. it's a wreck and does not qualify to be registered in the US-ignore it

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Maybe it already has 150,000 miles + on it . I saw a BMW that was about 2 years old at a dealership and they wanted about the same price. I looked it up on KBB and it retailed for more than double that price. I inquired on the car and they stated that the car had over 150,000 miles on it. That was all it was worth at that price and all likely hood no one would finance a car at that mileage.
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