Any1 have unlimited carfax reports??

Yeah, for any of you that have already purchased a month of unlimited car fax reports will you please run this vin and post the results...1FAFP45XXXF167952


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Beware of SPROUT he will love you and leave you in a pool of .@#$%&.

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A class-action lawsuit against Carfax claims the company doesn't have access to police accident data in 23 states -- and therefore doesn't live up to its promise of disclosing hidden problems in used vehicles.

Saturn ion?

Carfax claims its search service is "your best protection against buying a used car with costly, hidden problems." But in their suit, Tennessee attorneys Frank Watson and David McLaughlin charge that Carfax's ads promise more than it can deliver. Carfax fails to disclose the limitations of its database, they said.

Is there anything positive about getting a newer car?

McLaughlin and Watson charge that auto dealer Mid-South Motors purchased a 1995 BMW 525i from another wholesaler in 2002 after buying a CARFAX report that showed no ?salvage? brands and no police accident or damage disclosure records.

Does This Sound Like One of those Scams ?

A subsequent check of a database maintained by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) revealed that the BMW had been declared a ?total loss? three separate times after accidents in New York, Florida and Georgia that were reflected in police accident records, according to court documents.

I have a question about leasing a automobile,then buying it?

Similar incidents have been reported to ConsumerAffairs.Com. "My daughter totaled a car that was resold to me by my insurance company and I ran It and It came back clean," said Dennis of Destrehan, La., in a recent complaint.

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Another consumer, Mitchell of Newport News, Va., said he paid $38,000 for a car that got a clean bill of health from Carfax, only to be told by police that it was stolen.

What is the best midsized suv?

Critics also charge that some unscrupulous dealers are hiding behind a clean Carfax, using it to pass off damaged cars to customers, then claiming ignorance if the consumer complains.

Do i have time to back out or bargain?

When dealers buy Carfax reports they pay a price that allows them to redistribute the report - so ask the dealer. You'll find thousands for free on Cars and AutoTrader and most dealers will provide a Carfax report on any car on their lot.

Anyone know a website where you can find a description of motor vehicle accidents by case number, in NEW YORK?

The consumer unlimited account specifically states reports can not be distributed/shared as you requested. Carfax looks for VINs on automotive forums like this and can locate accounts that are distributing reports.
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