Anyone used Costco Auto Buying program before?

I am trying to buy a Honda Fit, and I am wondering if anyone has used Costco Auto Buying program before. How much did you save?


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I have used it once but I have found out on later purchases that most dealers will match the price. The largest dealer in town who was a member quit. They did not want to pay the fee to Costco. Find a dealer who is a member and get a price. There is a good chance that a local dealer who is not a member will match the price.

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costcos buyer program and travel programs are ascam, just go to the dealer and haggle, thats the best price youre going to get on a new car

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Auto-brokers like Costco were one of the best sources to buy a new car. Brokers usually have more knowledge about the dealers, pricing, and financing. Until today, there are still some good brokers to go with such as -->

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However, things are quite different now than years ago. With the high-speed Internet websites, we can access almost everything at our fingertips. If you spend enough time online, you will probably end up with lower prices than the average broker offers. Dealer's invoice cost, bank's buy rates, and the inventories are no longer secrets.

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If you are a busy person, broker will save you time and get you a fair deal without any hassle. If you do have time, why not shop online and get an even better deal by yourself!

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Here's a link where you can find the most current incentives and lowest price for 2007 Honda Fit:

Wanna buy my 1st car.can u guyz help me with something?
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