1985 Corvette?



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if its in good condition, that's a good deal, good condition vettes of that era are getting harder to come by, just make sure it is an 1985 and not an 1984, due to the lack of power from the motor of the 1984's crossfire fuel injection system people have been trying to pass off 1984 year models as later ones, it should say "tuned port injection" on the side behind the front tire and on the throttle body.

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It's a 22 year old car. I would buy it with the knowledge that regardless of the 68k miles that I'm going to have to do some work on it.

How much do dealers REALLY make a car deal ( sale of vehilce, finacing, trade-in)?

If you like to work on cars, I'd say go for it. Check it out on http://www.nada.com and make sure the numbers ($) are okay for that vehicle.

Where can i buy cheap cars on-line?

Vettes, needless to say, are sportscars and as such have probably endured heavy-duty use, or abuse, as the case may be.

Gas prices?

Good Luck!!

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Great car. Price depends on weather it's been well maintained or been beat to death.

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The average price we have for the 1985 Corvette Coupe in our Corvette Price Guide is $8,700. So if it is in average, street driven condition, then you are getting the Corvette at a good price. If it is less than average condition, then the price is fair.
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