Advice for a double cab pick up truck?

I am intereted in buying a pickup with 4 doors. Whats the best value and quality_


Websites for older cars..?

Ford f-150 Supercrew all the way, baby.

Why do they want my Cadillac Eldorado?

Toyota if they make one. I've been burned to many times with Ford,Dodge,and G.M. cars and trucks.And forget their diesels,they are not true diesels. My Mercedes will start after a H-Bomb attack,they won't.

Good car for 16 year old to buy?

are you talking the avalanche and the Cadillac and Honda Ridge line trucks like that? I like their styling and they all look basically the same. One offers back window removal but the Honda has something that the other two don't. That's a trunk in the bed. I love that concept.

When is it time to buy a new (or used) car?

If your looking for a full size p/u I would to with th Ford f-150 best Payload, towing, roominess...etc Forget about imports.They make a good car but there trucks are worthless!
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