Acura TL Type- S...Infiniti G35 Sedan.Infiniti M35.Nissan 3.5 SE?

Ok I need some help, so all car enthusiasts please give me your opinion!

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I am moving to the city and I am looking for a new car...the ones I have listed above are the 4 cars I am intrested in. Can someone please tell me which car gives the biggest bang for the buck? Also which one has the best fuel economy? Also Do any of these cars offer a Navigation system has a standard feature or is that all extra, I really need one of those because I am terrible at finding places. And which one would you buy?

I lost my pink slip to my car (california)?

Thank you !


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Most importantly you should drive each one, and maybe that would be the deciding factor, but now as my personal taste/perferences, to the vehicle you mentioned, this is my opinion.

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The Acura TL and Maxima are both FWD vehicles. I personally will not drive a FWD because the driving dynamics are not as good as those of RWD. Notice how luxury cars and sports cars are RWD, and even AWD is entering the scene on some makes. I dislike the front end plow, and torque steer attributes that FWD have. Some deal with it better than others of course.

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This leaves us with the Infinit G35 and M35. A new G35 just debuted recently, so they improved the common complaints of the previous version which were a lackluster low rent interior, but this time around Nissan improved on that. Now the M35 is a bit bigger, so depends if you need more room. Both are RWD with available in AWD if you need that. Both have package that will give you Navigation system.

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And before someone says "You can get an aftermarket system"...I personally like the integrated ones because you dont have wires running everywhere, has a sleeker look and integrates with voice-commands through the stereo as well.

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I myself prefer the M35, but only because it's not as common as the G-series, and I like having a bit more space overall. I think really the G35 is the most you will need and price wise it's pretty competitive for what you get.

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For bang for your buck, I'd get the Nissan. Infiniti M is also very good, though it is pricey. Scored highest of any model reviewed in Consumer Reports. Don't even bother with the G35. It's great, but not a whole lot better than the Nissan.

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I agree the best sedan here is the M35, the mileage of all these cars will be fairly close.


Do you care if you have an automatic or a manual transmission? The Nissan and the M35 are only available in automatics (CVT on the Maxima).
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