Anyone have any experience dealing with AutosforPennies ( you can share with me?

They purport to offer cars and trucks, etc. that were seized by banks, law enforcement agencies and other entities that the public can buy for just pennies on the dollar via auction. Only $39.95 to join and search among the thousands of vehicles offered. Is this real? Has anyone ever bought anything through them? If so, how does it work and were you satisfied with the process and results?


What do you think of a G35 coupe and the BMW 330Ci?

Dont you dare join, it makes me sick that scammers out there profit $ 39.95 of your hard earned buck making you belive crap information that can be obtained for free...

Which New Car.?

go to my webpage you will understand how auctions work, and then click on a few of the google on the left about auctions what they have to say...if they want money to join back out...

Any tips for selling a vehicle back to a car dealership?

Well you can find great cars on auction here too , but this site has a 60 grantee
hope this helps
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