How much money do I need to buy used car? ? ?

It will be my first car, and I need to know hom much do I need to buy used car but in a good condition and with not so big miliage? ? ?


I just looked at a '97 Corolla today.... 330km?

You can find thousands of different auction and repo cars really cheap at
Hope this helps

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I would say at LEAST $5,000 or $6,000. You don't want to buy a car too cheap because it probably comes with a lot of problems. It's better to save up and buy a more dependable automobile.

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it all depends on yr budget...before you decide on 1, test drive a few make and model of your favourites...then find out the price...break it down to downpayment (usually 10% - 30%) and interest (if you r taking a loan) ...will you be able to afford the monthly repayment? Further ask yourself if fuel efficiency is a concern..if yes, calculate how far do u travel per month and how much is the cost of petrol.

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I bought a 1996 geo prizm with 115,000 miles in perfect shape for $1400 3 years ago. Ive added 75,000 miles and have had to replace the battery and starter solenoid (windshield too, but that was my fault... dont leave a two liter of soda on your passenger seats for 3 days when its 10 degrees f out).
I bought this prizm when i already owned 2 other cars, because its a deal you just cant pass up.
Prizms are great cars with outstanding reliability.
I bought a 96 ranger 4x4 with 18,000 miles in 2001 for $3000. The body was in decent condition, i mean there were small dings and dents here and there, but it was $3000 and had 18,000 miles...
You hardly need any money to buy a good used car.. you just have to take the time to research cars and their common problems.

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here's a link to them on ebay.
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