Why are there so many Pruises still on the lots at the dealerships?

What is the problem with this car?


I just bought a 2003 Buick Lesabre, wanting to trade it in to get a brand new one? Would I be able to?

The production finally caught up with demand.

Where is the best place to get icecream? I am somewhere in Ghetto or Eguypt? Any ideas?

Now dealers are offering $5000 discounts on them when they were selling at MSRP.

Ford Mustang?

Overrated & overpriced to put it simply. These cars are a joke. Drive around in a little car to save a couple of bucks. While your're at it, why not sell your house and live an an apartment!

What do you think about car sales people ? What upsets you most about them ?

Because the novelty has worn off. People simply don't want to be cruising around in the odd-looking hatchbacks anymore. People were buying them expecting to get 60+ miles per gallon, but in reality, it's more like 49 city/41 highway. Volkswagen's turbodiesel-powered Beetle, Golf, and Jetta get 40 city/48 highway, and they cost a lot less and their emissions aren't any worse than a standard gas engine because their mileage is so good and the engine is so much more efficient.

Trying find my first car?

Also, the Prius isn't as great as comparable cars (the Corolla, if driven easily, is said to get the same mileage on the highway at 41 miles per gallon, while having more room, better performance, and looking far better).

I (a guy) wanna buy a used car for under 4K. What is the most stylish car that I can afford?

Also, it's not the only hybrid anymore. There are hybrid versions of several vehicles, including the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford Escape, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Lexus LS-Series, Lexus RX-Series, Mercury Mariner, Saturn Vue, Toyota Camry, and Toyota Highlander, with many more planned from nearly every major manufacturer. Personally, I'm waiting to see how good Volkswagen's planned diesel/electric hybrids do, which are said to get nearly 80 miles per gallon in the Beetle and Rabbit.

What is the best japanese car websites to go on?

The Prius is now a dated design with a strange interior and not a lot of use anymore. Plus, it's overpriced (I saw statistics stating that you'd have to drive the Prius over 120,000 city miles to justify the price difference between the Prius and the Corolla).

***Need answer TONIGHT*** Is $3000 a good price for a 1990 Nissan Maxima with 200,000 miles?

the second guy was right. production vs demand. plus you have to remember. when the prius first came out there were only 2 hybrid vehicles out. the prius and the honda insight. the honda was a 2 door car w/ no trunk space and no room for other passengers. as a result the prius was a hot seller. now toyota has the camry hybrid, the toyota highlander, the toyota prius. lexus has the rx440h, honda has the civic, the insight, and either have or is going to have a hybrid accord. ford has hybrids now (which are old toyota technology hybrids that they sold to ford), chevy has some hybrids now as well.
ive never had to offer a huge discount on the prius, and hadnt had a problem selling them. they have decent space (larger than a corolla, just smaller than a camry) for about the same price as a camry. w/ great gas mileage. they are also one of the cars on the tax savings list for the federal govt, and many states now let the prius drive in the hov lanes.
good car, good price, best hybrid system made bar none. there are just more of them out there now so its not the only choice.
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