Anyone selling a Ford Probe?

I am in the market for a used ford probe (94/95 preferably) located in the Chicago area and nearby suburbs. If you are looking to sell, or know someone who is please respond. Serious offers only! Please include some data too if possible.


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Why would you want a probe?

Do you own a Minivan, i have questions about them??

Are you an alien??????

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Are you looking for parts? I have a buddy looking to get rid of one that is in excellent condition but it needs a transmission. The rest of the car is in mint cond.
We live in Ohio but travel to the windy city often...
We could load it on a car hauler if a deal could be struck!!

Hey im about to finance a car, which one is better between Dodge srt 4 with 14000 miles or WRX wit 32000 miles


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I need a new car, but what kind?

Are you using it as a planter for your yard? It will certainly end up being one in short notice. They weren't much of a "car" when they were new. 12 years later, they certainly haven't gotten any better.
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