1997 Lumina with 74,000 miles...$3700?

excelent condition.is that a good price? i already checked blue book value, i am asking for opinions here, not links to websites where i can get info.
my landlord is the one selling the car to me...(thru his dealership)
thank you


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Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. If it has a 3.1 V6 you'll probably be changing the intake manifold gasket at 100,000 miles. Ask to see if he had to do that already. Otherwise it is a good car.

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Try to point out any flaws with the car. Any dents/dings. Check the tread on the tires. Overall, it sounds like a fair price. Often if you make a big deal about something relatively small, you can get them to drop the price a couple hundred bucks.

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does the a/c and heat work if they both do ..yes then its a good deal

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thats a good price for him...but not for you.its a 10 year-old Lumina.its worth no more than 1500 .no matter what condition its in

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here's what they are going for on ebay motors
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