Anyone else scared as hell during the first big pruchase of their life?

Been out of college for a year now and needed a newer car. Just spent 12k on a Corolla (half down, half financed) and am both anxious and paranoid about because 1) it's the biggest purchase of my life so far, and 2) because my last car was such a junker, i have grown untrustworthy of cars and can't help but think this car will be no different even though it is Toyota certified and SHOULD be in great condition.

I own a Mack truck sleeper? Is renting it out a good idea? What do I need to do?

Can anyone else relate to my emotional rollercoaster?


What commuter car would you recommend for my husband under $4000?

just wait until you buy a house.

I need a reliable first time car for cheap. anyone selling or know a place?

Just take care of it, do maintenance and enjoy being an adult..

I don't know what to buy i have $150 but i want to buy something and i don't know what?

Yes, purchasing can be stressfull, relax worrying won't make it better, just enjoy and take car of your car.

Where can i find a go cart that is 150cc and under $1000?

It's normal, it just means you take it seriously.

Trucks: What is a good truck for under $4500?

We can all relate. It's the same about everything we buy. We'll think about our decision over and over, wondering if we made the right choice. Purchasing a car is obviously an important one. But we can spend $3,000 on a HD TV and wonder if we did the right thing.

Whereabouts of a Ford 4D lorry 1940/60 model ET6 Want to buy.?

Congratulations! You are now part of the living dead. We all work for a living and owning a car and making payments are on of life's "death sentences". Relax, this thing will most likely serve you better than your previous clunker. At least you bought a Toyota. A name synonymous to durability, reliabilty and resale value. Screw the rest.

Should I get a warranty for my 2002 car i just got?

Yes.. I can. LOL.

I've never bought a Toyota. I'm looking now but the salesman said they don't discount the asking price ,True?

Look at it this way, you gave 50% down payment. This translates into you NEVER being upside down on your loan due to depreciation. You will ALWAYS have equity on your vehicle.

I'm looking for a truck, 1999 or newer to buy. I can spend no more than $6500!?

If you ever trade that car in for another one, you will not have to give a red-cent downpayment unless you want to... AND.. because of all the reasons state above, you will not need GAP-INSURANCE.

A fleet vehicle ?

In addition, after giving $6000 down your payments are roughly $150.00 if you financed for 5 years.

Need help ?

I don't think a great percentage of people who finance today get off so easily with such low car payments.

Whats the lowest is should go when selling?

Enjoy, and welcome to the real world! You didn't make a mistake and sounds as if you played your cards right!

Help selling car...?

My wife bought a 1998 Toyota RAV4 with 12,000 miles from the original owner back in 1999 for $12,000. She just sold it with 136,000 miles for $5000. That means she drove it for 7 years at a cost of $1000 per year. She changed a timing belt and steering rack last year. That was under a grand. That's it. nothing else went wrong in 7 years. Relax. Just change the oil and fluids when you are supposed to and find a mechanic you trust, someone who won't fix what ain't broke. You got a good car there.
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