A 2006 impala chevy is priced at 15995. what should i expect to pay? miles are 20000?


What car ?

here's what there selling for on ebay motors

Can someone trade in a car if still owe on it and unregistered?

In excellent condition its retail price is 17000, this is as an LS with a V6 - to check more clearly go to
This will give you the Kelly blue book value for the car, this is the industry standard for newer vehicles - for older vehicles like classics Google NADA

I have a 630 credit score. What kind of interest reate can I expect to get for a new auto purchase/lease?

good price

When buying a minibuss of E Bay. the initial CIOF are printed in the discriptions what do they mean???

if it's the V8 model it is a better than fair priced for the 6 cylinder it's fair

How can I find a affordable dependable vehicle for a family with two special needs children..limited income?

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