Am I getting shammed?

My wife and I just bought a car from a dealer and we went down and signed the papers the night we gave a trade in and a down payment. It was financed.The dealership now says it doesnt have proff of the 2000.00 down and we have our finance contract showing the down payment. we also have a bill of sale for the car.they are threatining to come get the car now what can I do?


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hi,,i own a repair shop and this has happened before to other people through other dealers also,make a copy of the original papers and don't let them have the originals,and then go to them show them the papers,and see what they say,if they refuse co-operate with you go to the nearest police station and show them the papers and tell them whats happening,the dealer knows they got the payment,so you don't have thing to worry about,if they try and take the car you can sue them for breach of contract,and most likely get the car for free,,so let them act stupid if they want to,you going to win all the way around if they screw up on this deal,good luck i hope this help,s.

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That is scary. Go to the police. These men should be charged and this company should be closed.

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did you give them a check? If so, get a copy of the check from your bank.

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If it hasn't been cashed, stop the check and write them another, but demand that they pay for any "stopped check charges"

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I agree with talking to the police. They can at least point you in the direction you need to go for getting the proper help in this issue. And make sure you keep copies of everything dealing with the car company...ALL documents. That will be the only proof you have in making a claim. Also, do you have a receipt or some form of transaction history with your bank. That will also make your claim strong. If you wrote check or placed a credit/debit car payment that will show they took the money and when.

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jump all over them..file theft charge with cops..they r trying to steal 2000 dollars.

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They may be trying to Sham you but, if you have the proof on paper, plus a canceled check for $2,000.00 and signed over the title for the trade in ( which is a separate document ) you are fine. Call : "New Motor Vehicle Commission" in your area and speak with the Director. if you bought a "Used" vehicle ...Call: "Used vehicle Commission"

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but dodge man, doesnt it cost money to sue people? how much would it cost these fine folks to sue the robbers at the dealership?? anyone know?

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Tell them that you have a bill of sale reflecting the down payment. Make a copy of it and present it to them. Let them know if anything happens to your car, you will contact the authorities. If you are making payments or paid for the car and they take it, it is AUTO THEFT!

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Unless you have a receipt or a canceled check, you may not have a leg to stand on. If someone from the dealership signed your bill of sale saying they received the 2000.00, that helps. But they can always say it was a typo and they never got the money. You can try to go to the authorities, but I don't think you will get far. It is basically your word against theirs without a receipt or canceled check. Good luck
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