1982 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, excellent condition inside & out rebuilt motor. What's it worth?


Is there any good car auctions in wales that shows the cars online?

You'll do better selling it on a Japanese or Kuwaiti auction site. Tokyo homeboys dig those old caddies.

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is this a present for your pimp

What Car Should My Dad Buy?

Ihave a 1991 and I purchased it last year the book value was 2,100. so just to take a stab I would say around 1,000. to 1500.
Look it up in Kelly blue book.

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if you are trying to sell it put it in Hemmings Motor News...A collector may pay way more then book...

What do I do about a lemon I bought from Auto Island 1331 Martin Grove Road?

As long as you have the paperwork to prove the motor was rebuilt, I'd go with the high estimate of $1500

Anyone know of any used car websites for the s.california area?

Not more than $3000,and also depending on the miles,the older the car the less it's worth,unless it's a classic and all decked (pimped) out.

Which vehicle would you get?

here's a link to them on ebay motors
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