Anyone ever sell a car on eBay? was it worth it? or a hassle?


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I've sold 2 in the past. It pays to be honest on your listing. If you are selling a cheap car then don't expect to get high bids. I managed to get what I wanted for both of them though, keep your reserve low and don't hold out for more if it's not worth it. You could be stuck with a car you can't get rid of!

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Last summer we sold our boat on ebay. It all went very smoothly. Two months later we bought another one on ebay. It was also very smooth and easy.

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I had to part with a beloved classic car (1956 Packard) because I couldn't afford to keep it. So I figured I would put it on Ebay because it would reach a higher number of buyers looking for a special car like that than the classifieds.

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I started the bidding at $1000, with a reserve of $2500. I was thinking since the car was such a classic in drivable condition, people would really go for it and I could get maybe $5000 in the end. However, it got two bids, and after communicating with the higher bidder, we agreed he would pay $2000 cash if I drove it 300 miles to him.

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To answer your questions: Ebay was not nearly as good as I hoped it would be, but it wasn't a "hassle".I agreed to the terms the highest bidder set out of a pure need to sell the car. You can set your terms, and if the highest bid is over your reserve price, then it's most likely up to them to pay for shipping.

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I sold a car on craigslist and it was free.

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check out what cars are selling for that you have on ebay motors. here's a link to them
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