1989 honda prelude 2.0 si motor?

i have a honda prelude 1989 2.0si i only had it for a little while and when i was driving the RPM's when down and the check service soon light came on and now my car wont start i already put in a new main relay switch a mechanic told me it was the timing chain and that it would be best if i get a motor cause if the timing chain broke then the head is no good were can i buy a motor please help as soon as possible


Whats the best way to have a mechanic come out and diagnose a car i may buy?

Those engines are rarer that than a steak that is still on a grazing cow.

I äm new to ebay and need help...?

I just tried to help my friend find one about 2 months ago. We gave up after a week.

Is it worse to turn your car back in or letting it get reposessed?

Find someone who is willing to rebuild it. Heads are easier to find that entire engines. At any rate, good luck.
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