Any comparable on Mazda, Toyota or Honda?

I saw many Mazda on street now. It look sporty, stylist and nice but most people like Camry, Accord... after I learn about the Mazda. It has a lot of technologies that Camry or Accord don't, if Camry, Accord add all technology like Mazda I think the price will pump $3,000 to $5,000 difference because they sell by brand image and most people buy the car by ear (just hear and buy) not buy the car by product knowledge. Anybody give me some idea, I appreciated


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Ive been researching cars for the last few months (yes, im a smart buyer when it comes to cars.)

Should i buy a 2003 volkswagen passat 1.8?

Mazda 3's are built in Japan, Mazda 6's in America... Few people i spoke to said the 3's DO seem to have better reliability. Mazda's have moved up in 'reliability' over the last few years... I read a few reports from 3rd parties putting them close to Honda/Toyota. Although, the bad lay-out of the Mazda normally means expensive labor cost for repairs (Japaneses car with German repair costs)

If a car i want is new for 14,ooo how much is the downpayment going to be?

Mazda's re-sale value goes down a little quicker then Honda/Toyota... BUT, you are getting more for your money with a mazda (in terms of features / add-ons)

I can't find the car I want.should I go for my second choice?

One thing that throws me off... I was looking at a 2007 Camry as a used car possibility... But when i checked the autotrader i noticed that theres about 30+ used 2007 Camry's available... and only 2 Honda Accords. This has me asking "Why are all these people selling their BRAND new camry?"
- I dont have the answer, but its something im trying to figure out

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For reliability, comfort, etc... I think any of your choices are pretty good (although mazda wins the 'handling/sporty' department)

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as for mazda haveing a better image, NOPE. it is owned by FORD, lol. Honda has the best image and reliability of the imports. Also, replacement parts are half the price for a honda than they are for a toyota or a mazda.
this becomes very important at brake job time, or any other wear out part.

What is a good car for a beginning driver, with a decent price?

go to and read the reviews and compare the cars against each other.i have a 96 honda and has been very reliable.out of the new ones the mazda and the camary look sportier.go test drive each car and see which one you like the best.

Whats The Best Starter Car?

If your buying a car remember reliability should be a concern, from my experience with cars, i can tell you that people buy Hondas and Toyotas because they are known to be reliable, so yes word gets passed around about them and they have a good name because of this reason. Accuras are great too, they are made by honda, so there is no question they are reliable, they have all the new technologies, and still maintain the sporty look.
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