Are electric cars available to the public?

I watched the documentary "Who killed the electric car" the other day. I'm not sure what really happened, nor do I care about much except the fact that I really really want an electric car. Do they even sell a single one anymore?


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They are available today - in fact, I already drive one - there are lots of choices for electric cars, and more on the way. Electric vehicles can have performance as good or better than gas-powered cars, and they cost a lot less to operate (only a penny or two per mile.) Why don't we all know about them? Why do so many people 'know' wrong facts about them? Good question!
First, the inexpensive ones:
Electric vehicle conversions (a gas car converted to run on electricity) are generally pretty inexpensive, and can be had for as little as $5000. You won't get the latest technology, so you'll have a limited driving range. But a conversion is a great way to 'get your feet wet' in electric vehicles. This is the sort of car I drive. It does freeway speeds, accelerates and handles fine, and looks like a normal car. I charge mine up at work so I have enough juice to run errands on the way home. Here's a link:
How about new tech electric cars? If you don't need to get on the freeway, you might like the ZAP. The ZAP is only $10,000 brand new. It's very cute, but tops out at about 45mph. It's not much bigger than a motorbike. Link:
How about the ultimate EV? Take a look at a modern electric car:
The Phoenix electric pickup truck - using new, advanced Altairnano batteries (based on research from MIT) - can:

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-Travel up to 250 miles per charge
-Carry 5 passengers plus cargo at 95mph.
-Charges batteries in as little as TEN MINUTES.
-Has batteries that last 250,000 miles (never need replacement.)
Now, as to performance - you can't beat the Tesla electric sports car - it does 130mph, and 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds. Driving range is 250 miles:

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yes. There are a few companies offering electric cars to north america.
'Universal electric vehicles' has 2 vehicles:
Electrum spyder-$70,000
COM v-3-$30,000
both cars are non conversion vehicles.

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'Tesla' will be selling 2 electric cars in mid 2008
The roadster -(late 2007) = starts at $80,000
Whitestar-is a 4 door sedan based on the ford fusion platform the estimated cost if $45-$60,000
Mitsubishi has an electric car planned for release in 2009, no price estimate.
And, there are dozens of electric car conversion companies in america...
The first one that comes to mind is Electric Transport.
They basically take a car, strip it, and rebuild it with an electric motor. They currently offer 2 rolls royces and 1 porsche 959 conversion.
The rolls royces are between $110,000-$340,000
the porsche comes in at $65,000
They will also convert any car for $25,000.

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No major automaker does. Don't let that movie fool you.
Electric cars did not sell because the market did not accept them. The range and performance stinks with today's technology. Lead acid and nickel metal hydrate batteries
are heavy, and just don't measure up to good old dinosaur juice.
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