1997 ford taurus?

pls help, i have a 97 ford taurus gl, 130,000 miles, its been a good car but recently the a/c went out an now d.m.v sent me a notice with my renewal to take it to a smog only station, and i know it will not pass, becuz in da passed i paid 2 have it pass smog, an my friend put the code reader, an like 2 sensors have 2 b changed, and also have 2 renew registration, and insurance.. someone pls tell me if i should fix it . or just get rid of it .thanks to all who take time 2 answer this.castromex01@yahoo.com


Hi there, Does anybody know if road angel 7000 sat nav. is a good buy.thanks?

130,000 miles is a lot for a Taurus. If you can get your smog control fixed for a decent price, go ahead. If the repair will cost a lot, and you are in a good enough financial position to get something new(er), go ahead and get a different car.
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