A car dealer sold me a new car based on me selling a property that was in probate.?

the money from the sale and the title to my trade-in is now being held in court because of some other legal issues. the dealer has "cashed" the contract, but they have threatened to have me charged with fraud, and take the vehicle back, although i have made 2 payments. i have shown all documentation that the court system is holding the money and title. can they go through what they threatened me with


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You need a lawyer. Not a bunch of random strangers on the internet.

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You're missing something here. Did you make it seem as though you already had the necessary cash or did the dealer talk you into saying that you'd use money that was not yet in hand? If you were honest and he wrote the deal in a weird way, its him. if you lied, its fraud. It would greatly depend on how you represented yourself.

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There's definitely no way someone can give you a definitive answer on this one-- a lawyer is needed.

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Things are getting complicated. The dealer has a car e can't sell, you have a car that you may not be able to afford at the moment. The dealer shouldn't have sold you the car based on the money in probate. But they saw a chance for a sale and decided to go for it.

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Yeah, you'd best get a lawyer, and if you can't afford one try legal aid. Good luck.
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