A 2001-2004 Mustang GT good for a 16 year old guy?

I currently have a 1999 vlovo s70(my parents got it for me because its safe) Ive had my license for a year with no tickets or accidents, and have lower insurance because of my grades.


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It's not highly recommended.

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You may have gone a year with no tickets or accidents but all that will change with a Mustang GT. Your insurance is going to go up AUTOMATICALLY the moment you make the change. When you get the car, you will remember this.

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I got my first Mustang when I was about 18 and I used to be a guy like you.. no tickets, no accidents, and all was right with the world. By 22 my licence had been suspended.

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I know nothing anyone here can tell you will make you change your mind so just be careful ok?

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PS: I find it odd that the answerer on top of me suggests you don't get a mustang unless you're a responsible driver and then tells you to get other cars that are just as fast.

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Good Luck!!

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yes.why not?

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the insurance might go up because of the car. Since you seem to be a responsible young driver, why not. keep up the good work


If you are a responsible young man, sure why not.
But if the car is just to impress your friends & the ladies, forget it, you'll be in comfortable wooden box before you know it!

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No, not really. Unless you're a really responsible driver, independent of your age group, definitely not. Back when the Camaro was still around, the Mustang and Camaro had the highest death rates per mile driven of any common cars in the US, just on a completely different level from just about anything but motorcycles. It was not because they were unsafe in and of themselves, it was (and is) because of the sort of drivers who are often attracted to them.

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Young, inexperienced drivers who want to drive fast...getting into cheap, high-powered cars with mediocre handling. It's a recipe for disaster, and why you can probably expect a significant increase in your insurance costs if you get one.

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If you want something in a similar price-performance category, and closely related, you could try a 96-98-ish Lincoln Mark VIII (or a T-bird or Cougar). IIRC, its engine is more closely related to the contemporary Mustang Cobra. It has IRS, so should handle better than a Mustang; is a bit of an old-man car, so should not be expensive to insure; is quite stylish, especially in black or white; and it is capable of over 180 mph without any engine modifications. (Really) The T-bird and Cougar are closely related, but have the same powertrain as the Crown Victoria. (another good Mustang alternative, and one which was available me recently)

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You might also look into a Forester XT (About as fast as a Mustang, VERY safe in a crash, and it won't attract any police attention), or a Legacy GT. (Forget the WRX...the Forester is better anyway)
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