Whats the best 7 seater car to buy?


How much is a 1972 Chevy truck worth ?

vauxhall zaferia i have this in black realy nice to drive and roomy.xx

Where can I find a 1960's double cab VW pick-up?

When i was 12, we had this wicked car. It was a bright red 7 seater VW! We loved it so much but it got old and we had 2 take it to the garage. But i would definatley reccomend it. It wasnt posh or leather or smelly. You could decorate it, make it your own. It was funky and a real family car. My friends loved it, n it was easy to spot in a car park. Our big red VW had such character, hope your new car will 2!

Whats the best deal?

Chrysler's Town & Country minivan. It gets pretty good gas mileage and the back seats fold down into the floor, so it can become a cargo van. When the seats are up, that extra space becomes storage. We bought one a couple of years ago and really love it.

Trying to buy a dependable car.?

It also has fun gadgets, such as being able to open the side sliding doors or the back hatch from the key fob, the NAV system, and a built in DVD player for the passengers.

Please could you tell me the best car dealers in walton-le-dale, preston, lancs?

vauxhall Zafira

First car, which is best?

Hi, Check out consuer reports.com They rate all cars on size, safety, reliability, milage, and repair costs. I listed the website below.

What car should i buy next?

Have a Hyundai Trajet Diesel. Its not perfect or as well taught out as a Renault Scenic or Espace but dose come with a great 3 year warranty, any problems I had were sorted out first time every time even with higher than average mileage...

I am looking to buy a sec. hand car in Ireland max 1500Eur. around 10y max any recommendation (i like Renault)

Take a look at mitsubishi delicas on ebay, they are superb.
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