Anyone know what APR finance stands for?

Like if you are going to buy a vehicle or something.


2007 camry LE vs honda accord LX, both are base model. Which car is better to buy?

Annual Percentage rate

Nissan Sentra or Ford Focus?

annual percentage rate

What is the car law in the state of Connecticut regarding returns? Is it 3 or 7 days?

Your answer is here:

My husband is over 6" tall and searching for new car/small SUV - recommendations?

How do salesmen ask for the sale?

APR -- Annual Percentage Rate

Where can I buy a car with MOT for less than £100?

It's the fees that banks charge you for the previlege of borrowing money from them.

I want to sell my cadillac deville FAST!!?

annual percentage rate

Volkswagen Passat a good car?

APR stands for annual percentage rate..
your note rate is different
apr is with fee's wraped in
note rate is just the loan amt..
If you are buying a house there are tons of stuff they will try to pull on you, find someone you really trust...
ysp is yeild spread premium and is paid by the lender BUT it will make your rate higher... sometimes only slightly, gotta watch it tho..
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