Any car sales men out there?

whats the salary like


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alot also depends on the area and the type of dealership that a person works at. ive sold in both the southern united states (mississippi) and in arizona. arizona is a huge car market and there most will make $40k to $60k per year. but the cost of living is more than other area's. here in mississippi most average between $35k and $50k.
a good salesman in this area is going to make $60-$100k per year but there's not that many making $100k/yr.
but selling cars is not easy work. there are long hours, dealing w/ the public on a daily basis (both good and bad) and were still considered "scum of the earth" by many people regardless of how we do business.
most salesmen are going to work 50 hrs a week and sometimes more especially in larger cities. not to mention that 95% of all salesmen are commission only. which means that your pay checks are not exactly normal. one month you may make $4000 the next month $2000 the next month $10,000. and its hard to get used to that and how you are going to pay your bills. not to mention you are always paid a month late. what you sell in one month you get paid in the next month. so starting out is always tough.
but if you like dealing w/ people and the possiblity of a good living and cars. its a great job.

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ive been selling since 1998 and have thoroughly loved my job. if you get into the management end you can definitely make more money. most in the management end are going to make somewhere between $80k and $150k depending on the area and i know a few making quite a bit more.

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Depends on how far you are up in the company, and what kind of dealer you are working at. Usually the pay isnt very high, my uncle works at a Ferrari Dealer, but he drives a Toyota Camary. If you are good, you can make quite a bit of commision off of sales but usually the salary is in the low 30,000s.

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at most dealerships you get a couple of hundred a week in salary, plus commission. Just going to work everyday just about anybody can make forty grand, but the dealership wouldn't keep you there if that's all you make.

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Most "good" salespeople make 70-80k, the top guys are usually between 100-150k.

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The harder you work the more money you make, it's that easy.
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