Affordable Cars?

My son just turned 16 and of course, you know what that means... "Dad its time for my car." So I was wondering where, specifically where in Chicago, can I go and get a cheap car (One that my son can get from point a to point b and won't break down in between). I don't mind paying for a nice car but it doesn't need to be exstravagent for his first car. A little help please! :-)


What is the average selling price for a 2001 gmc yukon denali at an auto auction?

why not check ebay motors? you can do a search by location and find some close to you. With things like carfax, buying used cars is much less stressful.

My daughter bot a car 1998 coast her 10,000 is that height way Robbie?

You can go to a police impound and buy a car for $500

Interested in a new car?

police impound!!!!!!

Anyone know where i can get an online price guide for a 1965 mustang or 1972 monte carlo?

Kias are incredibly cheap. If you buy a newer one and take care of it, they're a good investment.

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i'd go for something reliable like a new Chevy cobalt or pontiac g6 or g5. they are pretty affordable for new cars. or you can always find good deals in auto trader. try lookin at

An advertisement is run to stimulate the sale of cars. After t days, 1 <_ t <_48, the numbers of cars sold is

Honda civic easy to drive good mileage reliable.I used to teach driving on Hondas,. The driving school was owned by Ford. Fords did not stand up. Very little down time with Honda. Check Consumer Reports..

What inforamtion/safety checks is a used car dealer required to provied?

The police impound is best for buying a beater, which I am not sure is what you want. A police impound is like a box of chocolates, to quote Forest Gump.

Wat do you reckon?

Another place to try is a car donation program that runs its own resale lot.

How can i tell if this is a scam

Also take a look at

I am 20 years old and need to rent a car in Louisville KY where would I go?

Reliability is going to be your biggest issue. It's worth paying a little more up front. Otherwise you're just delaying the true cost of a really cheap car, that is, the addtional cost of later repairs. To say nothing of possible break downs.

Where can i find buy here pay here car lots in indiana?

Here is Consumer Reports list of "best buys under $4,000":

How do salesmen ask for the sale?

LESS THAN $4,000
Chevrolet Prizm ‘98; Tracker ‘98
Ford Escort ‘99
Geo Prizm ’97
Mazda Protegé ‘97-98
Mercury Tracer ‘99
Subaru Impreza ‘97
Suzuki Sidekick ‘98

Would it be cheaper to buy a cheap car at a dealer or a used car lot?

I'd go with the Chevy Prizm if it were me. Your son would probably like the Tracker or the Sidekick. I personally wouldn't buy a Suzuki, but CR thinks this one's okay.

Questioners From Other Countries?

The car that Consumer Reports says is the best buy right now for under $5000 is a 1999 Toyota Corolla CE. It's priced around $4,750. In my experience, that is a very good recommendation taking into account reliability, durability and future value.

How to Change a Car Title with 2 Owners Listed?

If you want an even cheaper car, I'd go for an '89 - '91 Toyota Camry. They have a great track record and there are still a lot of them around. One with 120,000 - 150,000 miles still has some good miles left in it.

I have lease car term finished 12mths company,have not recovered it & tell me i am not authorised to drive it

Good luck!

What is the best motor vehicle to get a 16 year old, that is cool, but with a good price?

You can find thousands of different auction and repo cars really cheap at
Hope this helps
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